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Clirik Ultra Fine Powder Mill Delivery Season in July   Time:2019-07-03 11:23   Click:

For a ultra fine powder mill manufacturer, what’s more important? Brand? Cost? Or something else? Shanghai Clirik HGM ultra fine powder mill is a good brand mining use equipment supplier in China. The brand, cost is very important to a ultra fine powder mill manufacturer. However, choose one real ultra fine powder mill is more trustworthy. Shanghai Clirik welcome our delivery season in July.

ultra fine powder mill delivery

There were two sets HGM ultra fine powder mill were delivered, our HGM ultra fine powder mill can be used in more than 200 kinds of minerals 300-2500 mesh powder grinding, such as: plaster, calcium carbonate, dolomite, calcite, limestone, barite, carbon black, fluorite, mica, coconut shell, gypsum, marble and so on. As a common use ultra fine powder processing machine, the HGM ultra fine powder mill can be used in many areas, for example, mining industry, chemical, transport, paper making, cement powder making and so on.

On the 1st July, we sent two sets ultra fine powder mills to Pakistan and two sets CLUM vertical roller mills to Guangxi. Why our mining use machines are so popular by our customers? Because there are many advantages our ultra fine powder mill has:

ultra fine powder mill

1.High Efficiency: the ultra fine powder mill can be used in many different minerals powder grinding and many industries. When we process ultra fine powder, the capacity can up to 10-30 t/h.

2.Long Service Life: because the grinding parts in the ultra fine powder mill made by hard materials, so there are a longer service life of ultra fine powder mill than other common grinding mills. According to our customers feedback, use our ultra fine powder mill to process stone powder, the grinding parts such as: grinding rollers and grinding rings is about 2-5 times longer than other brand.

3.Cheaper Price: because Clirik is one of ultra fine powder mill manufacturer which local on Shanghai, China. So the price of our HGM series ultra fine powder mill is more cheaper than other middleman, it’s easy to understand, when you decide to buy a product from a middleman, the price usually higher than factory price, because they want to make more money too. Besides the cheaper price, there is also a advantage to choose a manufacturer to cooperate with, because we can ensure your later after sales service.

4.Environment Friendly: there are many buyers asked us, if our ultra fine powder mill can pass the local environmental assessment, because there are many countries very care about the environment protect, this is a good thing. But don’t worry, our ultra fine powder mill is a environment friendly mining use equipment.

Our ultra fine powder mill not just these advantages, if you want to know more about our ultra fine powder mill machines, you are welcome to leave your message on our website, or call us 86-021-20236178, 008618001642498 for more details. Thanks for your reading.

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